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*Haircuts (Trending and Classic, clipper, short, medium, and long)

*Color (Grey coverage, blending, blonding, corrective, fashion shades)

*Hair Treatments ( Milbon and Brazillian Blowout)

*Skin care ( mini and express facials)

*Nails (Natural and gel mani / pedis)

*Facial Waxing

 (all on booking site)

Color  Brightening or Customizing Packages

These are meant for new clients, clients that  have not been in the salon for at least 12 weeks, or are wanting to change things up!

Each package includes glaze/ toner treatment, haircut and blowout style. 

Maintenance services are on the booking site and are for those that see us within a 3 month period and their stylist has prompted the service to choose from there.

Partial or Soft Highlighting package.... 

2.5-3 hours $190-$205

This is meant for brightening around the hairline and top and crown area only!( or can be for more coverage on fine hair)

Medium coverage brightening package...

3-3.75 hours $$250-$275

Not quite as heavily saturated all over the head, but more than just the top and sides, the amount of color can be spread around the head to create more movement and dimension.  

Full/ heavily saturated highlight package...

3.5-4.5 hours $315-$365

Foiling all over or any type of specialty blonding application, great for longer/ thicker hair, or the desire to be all over brighter.


Grey coverage/ blending or slight dimension package...

3-3.5hours $225-$255

If you are looking to cover greys and blend or add some dimension, and its been a while or youre just starting to notive the need or desire to cover the sparkle.


Prices may vary with stylists, timing, and product used. Be sure to read the descriptions in the online booking page for better clarity, or message (937) 476-7788 for a consultation. You will send photos through this phone line as well for your consultation or email

Multidimensional color package...

3.5-4.5 hours $300-$360

Different shades desired with specialty lightening (could also include a color melt or high and lowlights)

All Over Color Package...

2.25-3.5 hours $160-$200

When you want to go all over one color and may need pre treated or clarified, or if you are brighter and need to be filled before going darker. Making sure to decide whether you want to permanently stay darker or for a shorter period of time.

Color Correcting Service...

5-7 Hours

At an hourly rate of $80-$100 per hour

This is the correcting of unwanted tones and color balancing , while ALWAYS making sure to save the integrity of the hair. Consultation with knowledge in how to maintain and keep hair healthy at home as well!  (No we wont Judge, but please be completely honest with us in your past 2-4 year hair history)

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