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Sarah Geiselman

Welcome to my space love, my name is Sarah Geiselman and I'm originally from Kankakee, Illinois. ( Except I didn't live there very long, after my dad joined the army when I was 3 years old, it was hello travel/ gypsy life for me!) Ask me all the places and we can have fun talking about that :)! I am thankful and  blessed to be planted firmly now in the Beavercreek community.

As a mom of 2 (boy 14, girl 7), I know exactly how important it is for some self love/ pampering/ sprucing up and enjoying empowering life sessions with like minded beauties can be for our mental health. I have designed the salon for us to build a relationship in trust/ fun in a relaxing and girl pad environment! I guarantee you will leave my chair with a mindset shift you may have needed to work through some of life's challenges, in a most confident way!

It's more than just hair to me. I take pride in what I do, and after 16 years in the industry, I have grown more passionate for you in more than just your outside beauty. 

I am your hair relationship specialist, because I can literally customize and feel the needs of hair to/for anyone. With daily, monthly and yearly knowledge and education investments at my fingertips and beyond, in hair, business and leadership, I promise to never quite growing for the both of us! 

I enjoy our relationship and always leave the line of communication in our cans and cant's of your vision and mine.

When I'm not in the salon, you can find me at the gym, walking around the trails or neighborhood with my dog, or at my local girl pad boutique.I love day dates with my gal pals and adventures with my boyfriend and crew. I love the beauty of Gods creations and make time to enjoy most outdoor activities. Sunrise/ sunsets, inspirations in colors with change in season, motorcycle rides, music that makes you feel unstopable, and a slight need for speed fill my dopamine and energize buckets.. My ADHD brain needs all the things to take in and sharing that with you is my biggest passion!!

Now, let's have some fun!!! xoxoxo

Clara Utacht

          Stylist, Nails

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Hi! I am thrilled to introduce myself! I  focus on hair and nails inside Bombshell Culture Salon! I started out interning with Sarah while I was still in school and i got blessed to be able to come back once i was officially licensed!

My favorite things to do in the salon are highlighting, fashion colors, styles

My favorite things outside of the salon are

drawing, painting, playing with my puppy

In my free time I love being lazy at home with my pets(3 dogs, 2 cats, and two fish, practically a petting zoo), I also spend a lot of time at my dads mechanic shop ( I go down to use the tools to work on my truck but end up buggin him till he does the heavily lifting), I enjoy a chill time with friends(i'm very go with the flow), and absolutely love spending time with my family (whenever I get the chance), I live off of energy drinks (just cannot get on the coffee train), loveeee cooking and baking so much(especially when it's for no reason and I can just go crazy and make whatever I want), I'm a very hands on fixer upper person(if I can do something myself why pay for it)

I love what i do and am slowly building my clientele along with my confidence behind the chair! Cannot wait to see what's to come!

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Shaela Loncosky


Hello !!

I just moved to Ohio from Alaska where I lived for 16 years. I'm a hairdresser of 4 years and I'm excited to get to know the area and people I now live close to! 

I specialize in ...

* Blondes

* Fun colors

* Mens cuts

* Womens cuts

I love what I do because I get to be creative, meet new people, help you feel your best, laugh and  learn!

I also love coffee ( who doesn't)

rainy days

stand-up comedy

the gym

dark chocolate

BIG earrings

I cant wait to chat about your hair needs and dreams! I'd love to hear what you love about Ohio, the best places to eat or just meet new people!!

Lauren Brecht

  Stylist in Training
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I am originally from Convoy, Ohio... Which is a very small town that I have lived in my whole life!! I moved to Dayton about two years ago with my now fiance Jordan. We will be getting married Fall 2022!

 Outside of the salon ,

*I love going on long walks at any of these beautiful nature parks ,

*hanging out with friends and family

*and snuggling with my cat watching scary movies...

My friends would describe me as full of life and energy, loyal, and willing to help anyone.

I am so excited to be in this industry and in the Beavercreek community! I have loved doing hair, makeup and all things beauty since I was a little girl and I'm beyond excited to work with you!! Growing as a stylist at Bombshell Culture will help me to establish my clientele in a space that encourages education and quality!


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Mikala Owens

Stylist in Training

Hi everyone!! I am 20 years old and I live and grew up in Beavercreek, class of 2020! A recent graduate of Elite Hair Academy has me so excited to be in the industry! My main focus is all things hair and makeup, and open to all the things Sarah and the other Bombshell babes have to offer!

My favorite hair services are brightening and vivids!

A few of my favorite things to do outside of the salon are:

*playing with my kittens, Ella and Layla

*Spending time with friends

*Watching movies

*Shopping .... especially at TJ Maxx and H&M

I am excited to make you feel comfortable and loved and know that you are in  a safe space. Ill make you laugh with my goofyness and sweet dance moves.. 

A little PSA, I am OBSESSED with clothes and shopping and I have 3 closets full of clothes, but only wear half of them.(hehe)

 I promise to work diligently and as I take pride in my work, I am ready for all the communication in our relationship, before/ during/ and after your service, for the journey to your Bombshell hair.. Im ready to build with you and I cant wait to meet you!!