Clara Utacht

Hi! I am thrilled to introduce myself! I  focus on hair and nails inside Bombshell Culture Salon! I started out interning with Sarah while I was still in school and i got blessed to be able to come back once i was officially licensed!

My favorite things to do in the salon are highlighting, fashion colors, styles

My favorite things outside of the salon are

drawing, painting, playing with my puppy

In my free time I love being lazy at home with my pets(3 dogs, 2 cats, and two fish, practically a petting zoo), I also spend a lot of time at my dads mechanic shop ( I go down to use the tools to work on my truck but end up buggin him till he does the heavily lifting), I enjoy a chill time with friends(i'm very go with the flow), and absolutely love spending time with my family (whenever I get the chance), I live off of energy drinks (just cannot get on the coffee train), loveeee cooking and baking so much(especially when it's for no reason and I can just go crazy and make whatever I want), I'm a very hands on fixer upper person(if I can do something myself why pay for it)

I love what i do and am slowly building my clientele along with my confidence behind the chair! Cannot wait to see what's to come!