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          Our Vision is that Bombshell Culture Salon and Spa exists to build a mentor/ mentee styling salon through intuition and guidance received continually, so that we are the most desired salon in the community!

        Our Mission is that education is the foundation of healthy hair and self- value with multi- level team mates, promoting personal growth that exude to those around us.We have the willingness to understand different hair goals and strive for nothing short of long lasting quality and Bombshell hair.

                                                   Our Core Values are...

    Intuitive ......  The ability to customize hair and beauty goals based on ones knowledge, highest quality of communication, and the ability to trust another to give more insight and being flexible according to lifestyle and journey.

   Driven ......   The desire to never be complacent. Always striving for better in self and for others in giving value and realizing self worth. We are inspired by the ones around us and will always persevere.

    Cosmic ...... Your personality must be OUT OF THIS WORLD AUTHENTIC AF! Bullshit left at the door! Positive and uplifting. Full of Life and no holding on to drama! We are creative, expressive, supportive and FAMILY. We hold each other accountable and lift each other up. We validate and support like no other...






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