Sixteen years ago I had no idea that this was where I would be! The beauty industry has shown to be one of the most growing in the world, and I am so proud to be a positive leader in it!! From learning to do hair in high end salon and spas for 10 years, then starting in a 100 sq. ft. space at The Greene, plans and visions in the perfect location for Bombshell Culture came in view when a very tenacious person wouldn't take no, or that's gonna be too hard, as an option!

 My name is Sarah Geiselman, I am an army brat that has found it very difficult to plant roots and I feel so privileged to be in such a welcoming community. Bombshell Culture is a dream come true in the sense that I want to provide a home away from home with a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

 My goal is to educate you in your beauty needs and provide excellent service so we may have a lasting and trusting relationship! Growing stylists will have a place to learn the latest trends and skills so confidence exudes all around! 

 You will love getting pampered in our comfy styling chairs and I dare you to not fall asleep in our lounging shampoo bowls!